IOÆ Campus (F.E.S.A.)

What is the IOÆ Campus?

The IOÆ Campus is designed as a multi-functional Socio-ecological and astro-ekistics research complex, designed to facilitate the practical development of a self sustaining Socio-ecological life support system (SELSS) with an eventual human population of approximately 200 persons. Following in the foot steps of the groundbreaking biosphere 2 experiments IOÆ plans to achieve full closure of the research complex. However, unlike biosphere 2 our purpose is to adapt the enclosed socio-ecological system over time, through a series of temporary controlled closures. This process will allow us to refine the practical application of SELSS technology through long term iterative testing as a cultural project.

Campus Design

The current IOÆ campus concept is a two story 3d printed concrete FESA-4.

Beyond R&D

The ultimate goal of the IOÆ campus is two fold, to serve as an ecological vault within which a human culture can grow and develop in isolation, protected from potential ecological catastrophe that may befall our host biosphere, as well as a first stage of social development of a society that might construct and inhabit socio-ecological systems for future space settlement activities.

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