Æ Compact

Who we are

The Æ Compact is a private non-profit community-organization. We are dedicated to the birth of a nation. Our purpose is the collection, transportation, propagation and preservation of gaian ecological complexity beyond earth. We do this in the hope that we may walk in unity, barefoot among the stars.

For more information please contact aesettlementcompact@gmail.com

Our Telos

“Demolish the house, build a boat!
Abandon riches and seek survival!
Spurn property and save life!
Put on board the boat the seed of all living creatures!”
-Æ, Tablet XI Epic of Gilgamesh

This calling represent a voice which lives deep within the soul of our species. It is a telos for those that would follow a new path beyond the frailty of our position on this planet.


Epic Of Gilgamesh circa 2100 BCE

These ancient words calls us to see who we truly are, so that we may survive and continue to live and evolve as we have done for an eternity.

Demolish the house, Build a boat!

We endeavor to transcend our cultural conditioning, construct transportation and settlement assets, and a new way of life that will carry our nation beyond Terra, providing a home for our continued ecological evolution.

Abandon riches and Seek survival!

We renounce the pursuit of personal excess, and seek a way of life which fosters increasing identification with our ecological self so that we may always strive for the preservation of ecological complexity.

Spurn Property and Save life!

We spurn the maintenance of property in all forms and vow to protect life. In doing so we must resist all action which threatens ecological ascendency.

Put on board the boat the seed of all living creatures!

We seek the seeds of complexity, the origin of all living creatures. It is our mission to propagate these “seeds” in a form that may be transported and again nurtured causing ecological complexity to emerge again in new locations throughout the cosmos, safe from extinction.


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