Subsurface Eco-ag Facility (SseAF)

Introduction This facility is designed to utilise all biological waste products from an analogue Mars settlement in the production of terra preta type soil valuable for para terraformation, as well as a variety of fruits, vegetables, and fish for human consumption. For ecosystem robustness and to avoid failure of life-sustaining systems due to mechanical malfunctions, all parts of the system requiring mechanical manipulation of materials will be manually operated. Structure and function This system is designed to be constructed from recycled intermodal containers to maximise structural integrity and minimise┬áconstruction cost and to… Read More

The Ginnungagap Engine

The Ginnungagap Engine (GgE) is a whole systems architecture for the maintenance of life sustaining climatic and biogeochemical patterns within a confined space. Its purpose is to provide a sufficiently complex thermodynamic and biogeochemical climate within which high-level ecological ascendency can emerge and continue to evolve in perpetuity. “Ginnungagap, the Yawning Void … which faced toward the northern quarter (Niflheim), became filled with heaviness, and masses of ice and rime, and from within, drizzling rain and gusts; but the southern part of the Yawning Void was lighted by those sparks and glowing… Read More