Socio-ecological Asset (sEA)

Socio-ecological asset (sEA): A miniaturized-transportable specimen of ecological complexity used for the support or propagation of socio-ecological life support and or eco-industrial systems.

Eco-Industrial Services Cooperative

Eco-Industrial Services Cooperative: A workers self-directed enterprise, organised for the purpose of providing ecological service as a function of industry. The aim of an Eco-industrial services Cooperative is not simply sustainability, but democratic social industry that eliminates the concept of waste, through building ecological capital. Workers Self-Directed Enterprise Eco-industrial Services Eco-industrial services are a new paradigm of human enterprise with the goal of true mutualistic symbiosis between human industrial metabolism, and the ascendency of its host ecology. “Ascendancy is defined as the level of functionality to an ecosystems trophic network. One way of… Read More

THC Shutdown, We All Fall Down

Background The interaction of warm and cold areas within a single fluid body creates a natural churning movement known as convection. The most notable example of this being major weather events like tornadoes and hurricanes, when the combination of cold and warm fronts press against each other. When cold and warm areas in the ocean interact, a natural current called the thermohaline circulation (THC) is formed, scaling the size of the oceans. Cold from the poles and heat from the equator stirs our planet’s oceans like a lazy spoon in a cup of coffee…. Read More

Closed Socio-ecological life support systems (CsELSS)

Closed Socio-ecological Life Support Systems (CsELSS) – A class of Bioregenerative Life support systems (BLSS) related to Closed Ecological Life Support Systems (CELSS), where human cultural and ecological complexity are driven to emerge as a function of environmental control & life support systems (ECLSS) operation. Coined by Nicholas A. Carlough, CsELSS are best understood by its contrast with CELSS spesificly the function of the humans and there culture within the CELSS as a regulating mechanism. CsELSS are essentially CELSS that make use of the self organizing (Gaian) nature of ecology with humans fulfilling a fully integrated role replacing automation technology for the transport… Read More

Emergence, it’s complexity, but not complicated.

  Many phenomenon we encounter, such as consciousness, culture, ecology, and genetics, function through emergence from the compounding complexity of physics. To apply these fields to synthesis with any wisdom, requires a sharp vision of what complexity is and how it emerges from the border of chaos and order. This program is designed to build an understanding of complexity holistically through chaos, emergence and finally its meaning and application. “… complex systems, an interdisciplinary field of research, that seeks to explain how large numbers of relatively simple entities organize themselves, without the benefit… Read More