Æ Settlement Compact

Our Telos

Demolish the house, Build a boat!

Our Telos is a statement of sacred purpose. It recognizes the frailty of our ecological complexity and the necessity of leaving the cosmic womb of sedentary comfort, for the construction of a vessel which will carry our biosphere to the cosmos. It echoes through the ages, “Go and build a boat!”.

Abandon riches and Seek survival!

It is a call to those with the courage and resolve to cast aside childish pursuits, to lay down all they know, and take the necessary steps in search of survival.

Spurn Property and Save life!

We reject the notion of real-property, declaring all of unum the common heritage of all life aboard unum.

Put on board the boat the seed of all living creatures!

We seek to refine the wisdom and technical expertise necessary to propagate ecological complexity aboard a traveling world.

“If we have been locked and bolted into a prison of the self, here is an escape hatch—something worthy, something vastly larger than ourselves, a crucial act on behalf of humanity. Peopling other worlds unifies nations

and ethnic groups, binds the generations, and requires us to be both smart and wise. It liberates

our nature and, in part, returns us to our beginnings. Even now, this new telos is within our


― Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

Contact info@astroekistics.com to inquire about the Æ Settlement Compact

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