Nicholas A. Carlough

Nicholas A. Carlough is the founder of the Institute of Astro-ekistics, his primary functions are as Astro-ekistician and life support systems technician.

He received a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science from The Evergreen State College for the study of agriculture and whole systems design as well as closed ecological life support systems (CELSS) science respectively. He first synthesised the concept of Closed Socio-Ecological life support systems (CsELSS) as a formalised concept distinct from CELSS, integrating an understanding of complexity theory and emergent socio-ecological systems applied to the problem of Gaian ecological propagation in closed systems for the purpose of space settlement.

Nicholas began his career as a biomedical equipment and life support systems technician in the United States Air Force (USAF),  where he specialized in expeditionary-medical facilities support systems (E.g, Facilities, power production, medical gas production and ) and personal protective equipment maintenance (E.g, HAZMAT/CBRN protective equipment and power respiratory systems). In addition to his technical profession, he also served as airfield, personnel and decontamination security during OIF/OEF and Operation Tomodachi during the Fukushima nuclear incident. He also volunteered with the Venus Project as Co-director of Marking / Public Relations.

After leaving the USAF Nicholas served as Chief Operations Officer for the extreme futurist festival in LA, and from 2012 to 2014 Chief Science Officer for TRED (Terraforming & regenerative ecosystems development) Laboratories a san-Francisco based R&D firm interested in advanced life support systems and space settlement technology.

Nicholas is also the founder of the Æ Settlement Compact, a private community-organization dedicated to the birth of a space faring nation and intentional emergence planetarily independent socio-ecological organism.





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